Shape Your Child’s Future With Music

Make screentime educational and fun

Give your child the tools & confidence to excel in life

Just as you would with sheet music, simply place your iPad on an acoustic piano or keyboard. Combining game-like features with music education methodologies and real-time feedback, practice time will feel like playtime, ultimately increasing the amount of practice ensuring your child's success.

Piano Maestro

An in-depth educational app to learn to play piano

From a single note to complete pieces,
Piano Maestro makes learning the piano fun.

Piano Dust Buster

The ultimate introduction to piano

Your child will be playing their favorite songs in no time.
No previous experience needed.

The benefits of learning a musical instrument


Sight reading musical scores and playing music activates regions in all four of the cortex's lobes


Learning to play a musical instrument helps children give and receive constructive criticism


Learning about tone and scores increases verbal memory enabling musicians to pick out exactly what others are feeling just on the tone of their voices


Learning a musical instrument can increase IQ by 7 points


The cerebal cortex of a concert pianist is enlarged by 30%


Music ignites all areas of child development: intellectual, emotional, motor, language, and overall literacy. It helps the body and the mind work together to make your child brighter.


Young people who are involved in making music in their teenage years score 100 points higher on the SATs than those who don't play music


After 8 months of keyboard lessons, preschoolers have a 46% boost in spatial reasoning IQ


75% of Silicon Valley CEO's had instrumental music education as a child

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  • Heidi Rasmussen

    Happy Mother

    From the very beginning of seeing how it worked I was impressed of thinking it’s not just a game, it’s actually music that you can learn. It’s no different than reading sheet music, I think. It’s almost better

  • Jackson, Michele & John

    Mother & Son

    Getting Jackson to practice the piano used to be a struggle. Now with Piano Maestro, Jackson is able to learn to play his favorite songs with step-by-step instruction and real-time rewards, making practicing the piano fun.

  • Melissa & Eryn

    Mother & Daughter

    Her practice most definitely changed for the better. We practice more because she enjoys playing the tunes and earning the stars and so we don’t have to fight the battle as far as practicing.

  • Michelle Ray

    Satisfied Parent

    I think that the app takes the lessons to a whole new level. She's gone from being a piano player to learning how to be a musician and that is something that I didn’t think could happen in the first year.

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