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Working at JoyTunes

So, what’s it like working at JoyTunes?

Working with us means joining a journey towards a huge musical + educational + business vision. We’re very very(!) passionate about our products, our millions of users and the value we’re bringing to the world.

We value velocity of making an impact. It means we release new versions, tests, creatives and content very often, and expect to see a rapid learning and self improvement process along with measurable results leading to our vision.

That’s a bit vague, what does it mean practically?

Well, we work in small independent squads. These squads are self sustained, containing devs, product, UX, marketing and musicians working side by side and setting their own goals and plans.

We invest a lot in building our team collaboration, including goofy happy hours, going to concerts and shows together every month (often the performers are JT team members…), collaborative ninja (hackathon) weeks and plenty of jam sessions of course.

Yes, there’s always lots of music :) We take our musical vision very seriously.

‘Musical’ vision? What’s your vision?

Cynicism aside for just a sec, we’re bringing music learning into every single household, be it with guitar, piano, sax and anything in between - singing too! That’s a lot of new music making in the world, and a very big business.

That sounds a bit over-the-top, I’m skeptical

We’re very very(!) ambitious in where we want to reach and how big we want to be, both in the value to the world and business-wise.

We can add some hard facts behind the grand statements to show how serious we are in our journey, in case it helps. First, we’re currently being used by 10% of piano teachers in the US, we’re backed by investors that are known for their passion in supporting category leaders and industry-disrupting startups, we’ve rejected acquisition offers, we’ve grown x5 in the past year, we’re profitable and we’re helping millions fulfil their musical dreams - from cancer patients finding some peace in their music training, through autistic children with new ways to express themselves and millions others that just never thought it was possible.

Guitar/Sax/Singing? I thought you guys do only piano apps.

For now. We’re suckers for focus and strongly prefer to be the best and biggest at what we do before we spread ourselves thin. Focus runs deep in our DNA, and has saved us from quite a few existential threats.

Existential threats?! Sounds terrible!

It is what it is, and every startup faces this reality. We’re not counting on luck to get out of trouble. We work very hard to prepare ourselves for the future - analyzing risks in part but mostly building a smart, dynamic and resilient team that enjoys tackling challenges and quickly adapting to changes.

What does it mean to be dynamic and resilient?

Many things go into this statement obviously. For one, this goes into day-to-day impact-driven decision making. The ability to differentiate between what’s important and what isn’t is key to our velocity and success. This goes into everything from office planning, feature design and code architecture. To support this high level of decision making we implement company-wide transparency and maintain a very high level of independence, ownership and accountability. There are no small cogs in the JT machine.

Doesn’t every startup have a pitch of full transparency?

We can’t speak for other companies and we’re definitely hopeful many others implement principles we believe in too. We can only attest to the level of transparency we have internally, including sharing bank statements, investors’ analysis of the company (good and bad), open discussions on preferred company structure, business success/failure case studies and strategy planning. We strongly believe that full context is needed for team members to make the right decisions.

How big are you anyway?

Surprisingly small for our current state. The structure and focus of our team have made it possible to be a “zero-to-one” company, creating something-from-nothing, even with a small team. For example, technology-wise, we solved problems that audio experts claimed were not feasible in terms of the physics of the problem. Product-wise, many(!) have claimed it’s not possible to supply the value we already supply to our millions of users, but most prominently, business-wise, we’ve reached major revenue milestones, and we’re just getting started.

I’m curious. What open positions do you have?

All sorts, check out our open positions!