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JoyTunes works in partnership with music educators to change the way we learn music. By combining music methodologies with the latest in gaming features and our MusicSense Engine, players use real instruments that are auto-magically detected by our apps - no wires needed.

The real-time feedback creates engaging experiences and significantly reduces the learning process for tens of millions of children and adults learning to play music. From playing a single note, learning rhythm and sight reading to timing of complete melodies, students learn in about half the time expected. JoyTunes apps feature over 2,500 songs and exercises and 1 million songs are being learned every week!

Piano Dust Buster


Piano Dust Buster is the ultimate introduction to piano for kids, no previous piano experience needed

Piano Maestro


An in depth educational tool to study piano. From a single note to complete pieces, Piano Maestro makes sheet music come to life

Simply Piano


Learn the piano step-by-step, from scratch. Simply Piano will help you learn the basics from sight-reading to playing with both hands


Whether you're a complete beginner or want to learn piano on your own, Simply Piano will guide you to become the piano player you always wanted to be. Just place your iPhone or iPad on your piano (or use your MIDI keyboard) and play, your device will immediately recognize what you are playing!

  • Learn the piano basics from sight-reading to playing with both hands

  • Tons of fun songs ranging from classical to top-charting hits

  • Listens to how you play, giving you instant feedback to quickly learn and improve your skills

  • Courses for different tastes and levels including pop chords, essentials, blues and more

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Piano Maestro, ranked #1 Education App, is an in depth educational tool for students beginning to study piano. Piano Maestro helps students practice and learn their sight reading, rhythm, technique, playing with both hands and much more.

  • In addition students will:

    Progress up in chapters, unlock new songs and raise their difficulty level along the way. Learn to play songs step by step and have access to practice options and be able to personalize their learning experience

  • Piano Method Books Included

    Teach songs from some of the most well known and beloved piano method books used today. A digital way to compliment the use of your favorite method book, all books can be found in the Library in the 'Methods' section.

  • As a teacher, Piano Maestro will become your new personal teaching assistant

    Receive weekly progress reports to track progress in between lessons. Assign Home Challenges, to have students practice songs and exercises as homework with Piano Maestro. Work with JoyTunes to improve the app according to your teaching needs.

  • Hear straight from teachers using Piano Maestro

    The immediate appeal of Piano Maestro is that students can look ahead to upcoming tunes which can be unlocked once current songs are “passed”. JoyTunes has collected and continues to add current hits to the library. The lure of these student favorites and the carefully sequenced selection of exercises provides the perfect “carrot” to keep gamers playing and improving their skills.

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Piano Dust Buster is an ultimate introduction to piano, no previous piano experience needed. Students have the option to begin practicing reading notation, compete against other players or challenge themselves to 100s of songs ranging from Beethoven to Adele.

Students help granny dust off her piano while collecting points and bonuses. Piano Dust Buster is a great tool to get your students excited about playing and practicing their piano.

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